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fact it is difficult to monetize

Le 28 December 2014, 03:12 dans 0

lot of users, but it could not break the order of the user when a lot of critical value in fact, you earn money to feed themselves. Weather application can have a great group of users, but in fact it is difficult to monetize, the best outcome is to become a member of an overall system of natural monopolies, and then from cents, rather than self-financing, independent existence.KK on and said the same thing that people use the fax machine, the greater its value, but the result is not the center of KK want to go, new balance 580 womensbecause the money on behalf of a system must be a natural monopoly giant, its unified portion of the proceeds allocated to rely giants survive, this mode is actually the center and to the center of the synchronization is strengthened.Weather applications, map application, the application of a separate profit distribution is very difficult, if you want to adhere to the independent development is necessarily partial hypertrophy, do a lot of features and applications are not closely associated with their own, resulting in poor

 user experience. This blocked the road of independent existence, can only integrate into a system.Similar integration Rockefeller Sloan and GM have done then, simply, is to integrate all aspects into a decentralized system,

hard to perceive the world

Le 28 December 2014, 03:11 dans 0

 the 2013 Happy Boys championship debut six months after the board CCTV Spring Festival Evening. Black-rimmed glasses, toothy smile, fugue songs, maverick, he became a benchmark for the draft again on course. Reality show flowers and young, he meditation he wandered off, like a child hard to perceive the world. Mars concert, debut album Quasimodo's gift, Huachen Yu full harvest in 2014, he came from%

simply tailored for him

Le 28 December 2014, 03:08 dans Humeurs 0

thanks for so many years without leaving your own future, but will not. Because of the drop in Yonago: Hu songs like ten years, from what I understand was a fart hair girl, now married to age. Hu, you dare to hurry up to us to find Mrs. Hu. Only you have a family, I can feel at ease to pursue my happiness too. Wenrunruyu son song: Now in the theater world, tasted the joys and sorrows, then in the real world, a good happy to be alive now. DU sister epigenetic hearted vv: this topic is simply tailored for him. Stolen the account of this, to put the love, then sell the Meng, playing scored handsome, well wait a wife to take care of the nike air max thea menschildren well. Ku love meow: Sister Hu simple idea: a clean makeup beauty; 2, intelligent, able to understand his word games, then get on his whim; 3, cook, can not always eat scrambled eggs at home; 4, like children, and his dream is to be a good father; 5, the most important thing, not for the money is not in the name of true love him. Actor, singer, he was deer Han. Bursting with popularity debut two years, 2014 termination home, do not forget the early efforts of the line before the heart, and his name has been associated with a miracle. Hot Topics contracted throughout the year

, the major activities of deer shining sea, a single micro-blog comments breakthrough 23 million, and constantly refresh the Guinness Book of World Records. The first film, 20-year-old to return to the upcoming single Our Tomorrow 47 minutes to play to break one million, new attitude high popularity, a 24-year-old deer Han is burning.Real mother small waves appraisal:Dr. Yang Shan Sun-law, and do not hurry to sign up, are routed Huangchenggen from Tiananmen Square, the early morning peace of nike air max 95 for salemind to lock Arranging happy do not worry. Deer Han grandmother anxious parents, but it is concerned about family planning, want to have a man and a woman, determined to say this is not flushed face  His stupid Meng lovely, quiet like the quiet-looking man, moving the whirlwind football deer. Early in the morning, let the deer Han Meng put you wake up now. Small waves to help you real mother shouted: . Darling, remember our tomorrow, go to Tiananmen Square.Fans love letter selection:Mdevil Deer Darling M: able to meet such a person is not easy, I am now the only luxury is that we can see you sitting on top of the wedding, the deer brother, just want you to be happy, deer rice is also able to be happy. Lu Darling: heavenly

rounder foot deer will play play racquetball, proficient in singing and dancing, to be able to sell Meng Shuashuai, can be a small baby, you can be a big brother next door, gentle shy, laughing fall Pakistan or ADHD children, Haidian King deer, deer Han unique in the world. Deer la cri: You are the people I want to accompany all seasons. Born in South candle: Do not say a man and a woman, born a football team and I are willing.M Deer dumpling Darling M: Do you have wifi, I can search all the way all the way. You're my little sun, as long as I see you do not feel cold frozen popsicle. My big offensive _ deer pure man: When you nike air max 90 hyperfuse womenswear a suit to become someone else's groom, makes no reference to the past I crazy, when I become someone else's wedding dress the bride, you still my first dream. Safe return: son Shan Grandma, I'm your wife Sun ah. Deer chin _Tiffany go along with deer treasure: not my dream, can only hope that the future husband ① tolerant of my wayward prodigal bitch; ② domesticated will manufacture woven scarf winter surprise; ③ work attitude when there are enterprising; ④ usually take more exercise sun sportsman; ⑤ critical moment will protect me; ⑥ polite accomplishment; ⑦ versatile

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